An history of genius, technology and innovation
that lasts since 40 years.

Research and internal planning, innovative technology, study of cleaning operational needs, development of employment fields: these are the guidelines that Mr. Ugo Giordano, founder of Italclean Europe srl, has followed since the Seventies for the production of sweepers and angled brooms provided with outstanding qualities and performances.

At the beginning of the Eighties Italclean Europe srl, thanks to these strategic choices and not being short on genius, produces the first suction sweepers in the world, completely hydraulical driven and hold by every kind of equipment (wheeled loaders, farm tractors, fork-lifts, trucks, etc…).

Many models all over the world for more
than 300 kind of applications.

Italclean Europe srl, nowadays, manufactures and sells worldwide a large range of sweepers with and without dust container, equipped with water spray, suction and hydrosuction system These machines provide high-performances for cleaning of roads, old towns, building sites, industrial plants, factory farms, airports and every other area.

Italclean Europe srl has introduced, in an exclusive way, innovations also in the field of Snow clearance. The traditional methods (blades, ploughshares, etc...) could damage the most delicate surfaces (old towns, airports, sport grounds, etc...). Italclean Europe srl sweepers, instead, are able to carry out effective cleaning operations without bringing damages.

A special attention is directed to relations with Customers, based on communication and co-operation: pre and post sale service is always aiming at solving quickly every problem and supplying original spare parts and specific personalizations