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Hydraulic and mechanical brushers Multifunction

Mechanical Version

Driven by the front PTO of the tractor equipped with a special double angle gearbox to keep the PTO shaft in optimal position and free of negative angles even with the brush angled at 30° in both directions. The lower corner gear transmits motion to the brush via a chain guard.

Hydraulic Version

Hydraulic drive with motor connected to the brush via a side chain guard. Recommended hydraulic flow rate about 60 liters/min. For higher flow rates it is essential to mount appropriate flow control valve. Hydraulic services required: two double-acting ones for blade lifting and brush angle and one single-acting one with free return for brush drive.

Measurements and technical details

Model Machine width (cm) Machine height (cm) Blade height (cm) Machine weight (Kg) Brush diameter (cm)
Combineve 250.80 275 110 85 880 80
Combineve 300.80 325 980
Combineve 350.80 375 1100

Innovative solutions

Floating System. Allows the brush to automatically adapt to the road profile with the right pressure (controlled by the spring-loaded regulator). The system ensures consistent cleaning parameters with lower power consumption and absorption.

By moving the fastening pins from the top hole to the bottom hole, it allows the Combi Neve a horizontal swing of about 10° so that it can tackle mountain roads with hairpin bends, with a large difference in elevation, only while working. When transferring, the pins should be returned to the top hole for locking.

Knife blade

Made of rubber, with metal or textile inserts and minimum hardness 80 Sh. Impact resistance 200 daN/cm for temperatures -25°C+5°C, especially suitable for snowy roads with saline solutions. Reversible to make maximum use of it, thickness 40 mm. by height 300 mm.

Central brush

The central brush consists of thermofused Ecoline "zig zag" ring sectors, 80 cm. in diameter, fully recyclable with mm.3x2 p.p.n. bristles.

Combi Snow Multifunction

A few more notes on Combi Neve

The COMBI NEVE system , brush plus snowplow blade, is an ‘interesting solution for the rapid cleaning and clearing of airport runways, large parking areas, highways, roads, and squares with delicate pavements where effective cleaning is required without the use of salts, or chemicals.
The proven system, which has already been in operation since 2015, satisfies Customers particularly attentive to new environmental requirements. A range of thirteen models with sizes from cm.130 to 350 amply meet market demands.
The brush can be punched, ppn ring diameter 650 or 800 mm, or with strip lines that facilitate regeneration without having to disassemble the shaft.
The brush is mounted with the Floating System that automatically allows the brush to adapt to the road profile with the pressure controlled by special regulator which both limits the consumption of the brush and greatly reduces the power consumption, resulting in significant economic savings.
The snow plow blade is made with hydraulically liftable high-density polyethylene rolling wheel, wheels (2) made of solid rubber mounted with heavy-duty supports with a load capacity of 1600 kg. each,the scraper knife can be made of polyurethane or black rubber with polyamide and metal inserts.
COMBI NEVE sweepers can be supplied in either hydraulic or mechanical versions, the latter of which mounts a double angle gearbox which keeps the cardan shaft in optimal position free of negative angles even with the machine angled right or left at 30°, reducing noise and extending its service life.

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