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Mini Combi

Mini Combi

Machine weight 100 kg
Container capacity 70L
Water capacity 50L
Brush diameter 35cm


Why choose Italclean Europe ?

With a 1 polypropylene water tank, with a capacity of 50 liters, integrated into the frame, it offers great autonomy, while maintaining the ground clearance of 65 cm. allowing excellent visibility from even small vehicles.
Side brush oscillating and retracting on impact with base Ø mm.350 with three-dimensional adjustment.

No. 3 solid rubber wheels Ø mm 120×50 mounted on swivel support with protected bearings, load capacity Kg. 500 each. Front wheel with parking brake.

Front 82° atomizing nozzles for dust suppression powered by electric water pump.

Floating system

Floating System : keeps the brush free to automatically adapt to the road profile with the right pressure (controlled by the spring regulator). Lower power consumption and absorption.

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