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Product Description.

Multifunctional frame

Unique in both mechanical and hydraulic versions can be used at the front and rear, made of high-strength welded medium carpentry, treated by sandblasting, galvanizing primer and painted with epoxy powder enamel.

The frame with 30-degree hydraulic orientation in both directions, rests on two 300×70 diameter solid rubber wheels mounted with bearings and swivel mounts, from large load (load capacity 1600 kg. each) makes the brush independent of the frame and free to adapt to the road profile.


In the mechanical version, the motion of the brush is transmitted via a double angle gearbox to the side chain casing, keeping the cardan shaft in optimal position and free of negative angles even with the brushing machine oriented at 30° in both directions, or with a hydraulic motor for high performance.


MODEL 235.80 300.80 350.80
Machine width cm. 255 320 370
Machine height cm. 110
Machine weight Kg. 550 700 820
Brush diameter cm. 80

Innovative system

Floating system

The self-levelling sweeping roller with ground pressure controlled by a special regulator adapts perfectly to the road profile with the desired pressure reducing both power absorption and power consumption with significant economic and energy savings

Humidifying version

A battery of modular ppn water tanks, integrated into the frame, maintain a low profile and improve visibility by providing good range for the humidifying unit consisting of electric water pump plus atomizing nozzles


Central brush

The central brush consists of thermofused ECOLINE “zig zag” ring sectors with a diameter of 80cm.

For snow, we recommend the stripline brush, which greatly improves sweeping: open helical striplines prevent clogging at the brush itself and allow it to be quickly regenerated when worn without disassembling it from the frame

ECOLINE thermofused STRIPLINE ring

Snow version

Mechanical versions are particularly suitable for clearing fresh snow up to 30 centimeters thick, as by directly harnessing the power of the tractor, they can deal with more demanding and continuous situations. Supplied with an adjustable front guard, the hydraulic version also makes it easy to deal with snow when properly powered.


Adding a special snow blade with hydraulically liftable high-density polyethylene rolling wheel makes an interesting combination for sweeping and clearing quickly on roads, yards with delicate pavements.


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