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Start Combi

Multipurpose sweeper

The Start Combi series, while retaining the main advantages of the Professional series, is particularly suitable for ordinary, non-heavy-duty use. It meets the growing and specific needs of the market: one machine for a variety of uses.

Sweeper with collector and hydraulic unloading, optional side brush and watering unit with electric water pump and tanks built into the frame.

Manually angled (hydraulically upon request) brush sweeper without collector, releasable in seconds or by keeping it raised in the unloading position for quick clearing operations of bulky debris.

Prepared for application on tractors, telescopic handlers, skid steer loaders and forklifts by means of special intermediate attachments both front and rear.

Center brush equipped with Floating System: self-levelling to the surface to be cleaned with the desired pressure.

Composed of fully recyclable 56 cm diameter thermofused ring sectors.

Series models

Model Size A with 1 brush (cm) Size A with 2 brushes (cm) Size B (cm) Machine weight (Kg) Container capacity (Lt) Water reserve (Lt) Brush diameter (cm)
MODEL 180 220 245 196 280 180 100 56
MODEL 210 250 275 226 320 210 100 56
MODEL 240 280 305 256 360 240 100 56

Model Size A (cm) Machine weight (Kg) Water reserve (Lt) Brush diameter (cm)
MODEL 180 196 230 100 56
MODEL 210 226 270 100 56
MODEL 240 256 310 100 56

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