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Tecna Combi Professional

Multipurpose sweeper

TECNA Combi Professional series , one machine for a variety of uses.

Sweeper: when set up with the side brushes, watering unit and container, unhooking it or keeping it raised in the unloading position returns to its sweeping function for quick clearing operations of bulky debris or snow.

Sweeper : Angleable with special manual (hydraulic upon request) orientation head without container for quick clearing operations of bulky debris or snow.

Combi Neve: by unhooking the container in a few seconds, a special snow blade with polyethylene wheel can be mounted that is particularly suitable for snow clearing or snow plowing operations.

Prepared for application on tractors, telescopic handlers, skid steer loaders and forklifts by means of special intermediate attachments both front and rear.

Center brush equipped with Floating System: self-levelling to the surface to be cleaned with the desired pressure.

Composed of fully recyclable thermofused ring sectors diameter 65 cm.

Tecna Combi Magnum

Model Machine weight (Kg) Container capacity (Lt) Water reserve (Lt)
MODEL 280 610 640 300

Tecna Combi Professional

Spazzatrice umidificante
Model Size A with 1 brush (cm) Size A with 2 brushes (cm) Size B (cm) Machine weight (Kg) Container capacity (Lt) Water reserve (Lt) Brush diameter (cm)
MODEL 150 190 217 163 440 330 200 65
MODEL 180 220 247 193 470 380 200 65
MODEL 210 250 277 223 515 440 200 65
MODEL 240 280 307 253 555 500 200 65
MODEL 280 320 347 293 610 600 200 65

Model Size A (cm) Machine weight (Kg) Water reserve (Lt) Brush diameter (cm)
MODEL 150 163 390 200 65
MODEL 180 193 420
MODEL 210 223 450
MODEL 240 253 480
MODEL 280 293 510

Model Size A (cm) Machine weight (Kg) Water reserve (Lt) Brush diameter (cm)
MODEL 150 163 450 200 65
MODEL 180 193 480
MODEL 210 223 510
MODEL 240 253 540
MODEL 280 293 570

Why choose Italclean Europe ?

With 2 polypropylene water tanks,
with a capacity of 100 liters each,
integrated into the frame, offer great
autonomy, maintaining the height from
ground of 87 cm. allowing an excellent
visibility from the vehicle of even small
Side brushes oscillating and retracting on impact with base Ø mm.600 with three-dimensional adjustment.

No. 3 solid rubber wheels Ø mm 250×70 mounted on heavy duty swivel castor with protected bearings, load capacity Kg. 1600 each. Front wheel with parking brake.

Front 82° atomizing nozzles for dust suppression powered by electric water pump.

Central sector brush, ring-shaped
thermofused Ø 650mm with ppn bristles
1.8×2.5 mm or 2×3 mm
fully recyclable.
Hydraulic motor inserted internally
to the brush for a smaller footprint
and maximum security.

Regenerative flow valve (optional) and quick couplings for collection container release, maintaining the operation of the
central brush for sweeping operations, even with snowplow blade mounted.

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